Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Gardening..

Spring is in the air! (or at least is was this weekend.. it's wet, foggy and miserable today) We were the merriest little family of suburbanites all weekend long raking, weeding, moving over-sized shrubbery, and overall doing a great job looking like we knew what we were doing. I know the ones with bulbs and petals in pretty colors are most likely not weeds and my fingers are crossed that paring down long straggly branches and things is the way to go. A Friday road trip to Home Depot for packets of seeds that the kids were pulling off the shelves like they were gummy bears and sour patch kids (wait until they see them full grown and ready to eat.. can't see quite the same enthusiasm) and then a Target trip for all the pretty little gardening tool must haves.
In our little Spring Gardening selection above, we have:
A crocus:
(plural: crocuses, croci) is a perennial flowering plant placed botanically in the iris family. The plants grow from cormshrdy perennials, and are found in a wide range of habitats, including woodland, scrub and meadows. There are about eighty species of crocus (of which approximately 30 are cultivated). Their cup-shaped, solitary, salverform flowers taper off into a narrow tube. Their color varies enormously, although lilac, mauve, yellow and white are predominant. from Wikipedia.
A Cynthia Rowley pink gardening hose: You can longer get this so I hope you didn't fall in love already, but it is pretty hot right? (She is a friend of a friend so if you're desperate for it, I'll see what I can do ah)
A blue OXO watering can: This you can actually get. They have it at Kmart, so knock yourself out!
Purple gardening gloves: From West County Gloves and you don't have to get purple, I just liked the way they looked with the pink hose (which you can't get)
Buzzy gardening tools: from Target, beats the usual boring green they come in.
You Grow Girl: A book I so need to get so I can actually figure out what I'm doing back there.
I'm making some gardening worksheets! I'll post them next week.

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