Thursday, October 8, 2009

Front door makeover done..

The whale's tail shiny silver knocker won.

Pretty nickel hardware added to our shiny "Chantilly Lace" front door completes the entrance.

Remember the before above? Do you like the change?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

lounge in progress

lounge 8/18- 5 days after moving in.. walls prepped for painting.

lounge 8/24- walls painted chantilly lace by Benjamin Moore.

lounge 9/2- pictures and mirrors getting arranged for placement.

lounge 9/26- brown velvet arm chair moved in, new sea grass rug, straw loveseat couch and brown paisley armchair bought.

lounge 9/30- some lighting coming together.

The house is shaping up a little more every day. I'm quite the pro and the old drill and hammer.. 3 curtain rods up this past weekend... and they are straight!
The lounge is making the most progress at the moment as one thing led to another and it just ended up getting all the attention.

Here it is as of 10/6 getting quite cozy!

Waiting on strong men to hang mirror above fireplace and chimney sweep.

Throw blanket, roaring fire, vino and a good book.. can you see it?

Yummy cushy paisley armchair. I so chose this and pictured it as my spot and then hubbie claimed it his chair last night!..hmph!

bit'a'sparkle for the pasiley chair!

So I guess this is MY chair.. Not so bad, this was my chair in the apartment.

My pretty hourglass purchased in Nantucket last summer with a "smelly" candle and a pretty ceramic ghost tealight holder.

My mom brought us this dried hydrangea wreath last week. It lasts forever in these lovely colors as long as it's not in direct sunlight.

Starting new lets me surround myself with things i love and move the rest on.. My fish card is the welcome to the neighborhood card from lovely Ali. This candle of ladies has been around for many years.. Ken and I bought it at a restaurant that had them at the bar about 9 years ago! It smells like lilacs and it is collapsed on one side because we left it in a sunny window sill once!.. I can't give it up though! The iron fly is from a friend of my mom's. It was in a housewarming gift basket from when we bought our place in the city 6 years ago. The peonies are silk. I don't love fake flowers but I do love peonies so these are more of an ornament than a fake out!

Velvety armchair and its crisscross pillow got a little bling with a metallic leather boudoir pillow!

Love the chandelier but too low for this room arrangement so it might get moved to the dining room.
The lamps and tables I bought with the intention of painting but I've ended up doing a "Rachel" and leaving it alone and being happily surprised.

With a pencil, ruler, measuring tape, drill and a little patience, this happened.