Monday, March 29, 2010

Feel Good Monday

It is raining. It is cold. It is Monday. Sunday was hugely unproductive which had nothing to do with the goings on on Saturday night (big lie..huge). There is a lot of laundry. There is a very long to do list on my desk. So let's go to our happy place and enjoy these Feel Good finds:
This Zia shag rug from Crate and Barrel to tickle my toes into. A Sugar scented candle from Fresh that is on my wish list. Earl Grey tea from Bamboo Tea Company, because we can't drink Savingnon Blanc all the time. My Wedgwood "Nantucket Basket" cup that I use every day. The fabulous Ektorp chair from Ikea that I have to find a spot for because really you just can't afford not to have it. This kimono from Etsy is just gorgeous and it has "take me away" written all over it.

Happy Monday! xo Elena

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  1. Hello, found your post whilst searching "Feel Good Monday" on Google. I blog too and have started FGM's as a regular thing and just wanted to say I love your post. We all need reminding of the little things.

    Your blog has a great clean look. I really like it.

    MD x