Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leo's room

Leo's love of Buzz and Toy Story shows in his room. We think we kept it still pretty classy and versatile if the admiration should someday dwindle!..

He has quite a collection of Buzz's so I used these box displays to show them off.

Our neighbor/babysitter surprised Leo with these Toy Story 3 posters straight from the movie theater.

Blue and green sheets accent the Toy Story colors.

A Toy Story 2 poster next to his real clock and his learning clock.

Toy Story the original movie poster next Leo's reward chart. The purple frame lists his daily jobs that he checks off with a wipe off marker and each night he gets a big blue star on the blue board. 5 stars gets a little reward toy. It works really well and encourages good behavior!

The man himself.

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