Thursday, January 28, 2010

scrapboxing... Darcy Miller style

The idea of scrapbooks always appealed to me, however the act of scrapbooking.. uggh, I instantly envision boxes of dried out stamp pads, colored papers that have been half cut into.. we're back to the nightmare of boxes of STUFF. See I'm a creative type but also mildly neat freak type A (mildly).. the combination is tricky.. Anyhoo.. I like this idea of "scrapboxing" a lot!
It it is a little less committal than a whole book of memories and there is a bonus, art for your home that tells a personal story.. Win Win.
Darcy Miller, the editorial director of Martha Stewart Wedding recently had an art exhibit of her "scrapboxing" in Manhattan called "Family" that was featured in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living. Read about it here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The office needs love.. lot's of love..

In the beginning there was a simple little room full of home office potential.. Not only is it next to the laundry, play room and a bathroom, but it has a built in desk area on two walls and two windows....

... and then I came along and filled it with STUFF.. piles of stuff, boxes of stuff, and then some more stuff. I'm not even a pack rat.. in fact I am the opposite, however being a creative type with a small home stationery business.. there is STUFF..... Being so many little things I want to do to the house, I have to start prioritizing. So the office won first dibs! I recently decided to close wee card company for a while so I can devote more time to:

1. health and fitness
2. time with my kids
3. cooking
4. drawing
5. photography
6. decorating our home

So here is some inspiration for the office revamp...

via house of bliss