Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family wall

via BHG

via Pottery Barn

We have a debate going on here.. Whether to do a "family wall" or just display out pictures randomly around the house. I'd like to do a wall on upstairs landing (do we it call it that here? I grew up in London until I was 12 so I forget sometimes what is correct here) Maybe we call it upstairs hall. OK, annnnyway, I have a selection of pictures old and new, candid and professional that I want to display. I need to get some printed and then get some framed.. So OK, see you here in a year when I get this project underway! Here are some ideas and inspiration.


  1. I LOVE photo walls! We created a small one in our living room and our friends and family really enjoy looking at it. It's like of like a photo ablum on the wall!

  2. Hello! I like a 'landing' collection - always a good place to display family pics and something to look at when doing that endless and repetitive walk with laundry to be put back in drawers...!

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  4. Photo walls are a great idea. I have one planned for our breakfast room and maybe even the landing too. There are so many photos I want to properly see, rather than them just floating across my screensaver!

    Great set of inspiration photos. I shall keep them in mind for my own photo walls.

    MD xx

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