Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dining Alfresco

There is a buzz about this drizzly week in Spring that cries Summer is nearly here! One of the best things about summer is dining alfresco!! The summer air, the sound of the crickets, the stars above you and meals that are fresh, light and lot's of beautiful bright colors.
The daffodils are just desperate to burst into colorful life. My new outdoor dining set is being delivered sometime today (you know, sometime between 8am and 11pm). The kids and I are watching our homegrown vegetables and herbs sprout and grow super fast in their little greenhouse trays. Jamie Oliver is inspiring the country to eat right in Jamie's Food Revolution on ABC on Friday nights and in his cookbook Jamie's America. I am starting my P90X workout and we are transitioning into an organic and whole foods household. There is something about the sweet air of Spring that inspires all these wonderful things; life, health and new growth. Do ya dig it? Check out that awesome lighthouse lantern that hubby picked up at Crate and Barrel this weekend and loads more fun shatterproof dinnerware at French Bull.
The sun is coming out and there's a pep in my step!

1 comment:

  1. What lovely images both written and photographic. Sounds like you are headed for a wonderful summertime. Think you could send some of it to Grey England? Would be lovely if you could.

    Ta Very Much as you may remember we say here.

    MD xx

    PS Please please tell me how you make the lovely photo collages. They are fab. xx