Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So here's something pretty to look at before you read my vent..
So my head is a mass of unfinished rooms. Days are rolling into the next with fun things like bills and organizing filing systems at the top of the list. My 2 sweet angels, 4 and 2 are running wild from 6am until 8pm so there's not much time to really get things done. The good news is, I am thoroughly enjoying just being with my kiddos.. A walk by the water, lunch sitting outside at the pizzeria today and just giggling with them.. The city as much as I love it, was too tough on our relationship.. (the toddlers and mine that is) Here we run crazy and get in each others hair but there's room for it.. loads of room! Although chicken nuggets were on the menu tonight, I have to boast that fabulous meatballs were served two nights ago and mini lemon cakes from scratch in my inherited KitchenAid (thank you Pamela) were made yesterday.. so there's a lot going on and I'm keeping it interesting with culinary wowing but I must say when preschool starts in 10 days (who's counting?) I am looking forward to giving this house a little one on one time. I have floorplans and design boards, furniture finishes and inspiration clips swirling!

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