Thursday, September 10, 2009

I spend hours wandering my garden..

...Yeah right!
I did inherit a beautiful mature garden with our new home though and am trying to be a green fingered goddess.. It's just hard when one is also trying to be a domestic culinary goddess, a decorating goddess, an un-packing goddess, a laundry goddess, a pre-school parent board goddess and a non-shouting mommy goddess. I have had time however to be a social goddess too.
Lot's going on. School starts in 3 days (still who's counting) and I will be on a curtain mission, my first order of business to tackle here! I just have to try to stay ahead by not getting any ideas to silkscreen and sew each panel myself.
p.s. If you know what any of these plants are please comment! I know a rose and I hope the last one is basil because we've been eating it with tomatoes.

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