Monday, August 17, 2009

We survived the move!

Hi all! So we survived the move!! Wednesday was the close, Thursday was the move. The color code system helped immensley. Every box was in the right place and I didn't have much directing to do. It was a very smooth process and so fun and exciting. Thursday night we ordered in steaks and got a bottle of wine and my only real important thing to do was make our beds for that night. Friday was busy busy. We unpacked box upon box and ran errands for essentials. We have been showered.. i mean drenched with neighbor love! It really has made the whole transition even more amazing. Cupcake delivery from the next door neighbors, sidewalk chalk, flowers from another neighbor and everyone has taken time to come over and introduce themselves. We were invited for cocktails down the road on Saturday and they invited other neighbors to come meet us. So so lovely.
The painters have started power-washing the house. We picked up our new wheels, a sweet black on black Acura MDX. We have a Home Depot about 8 minutes away and we've been there more often that Super Stop & Shop (our grocery store) We bought this couch to get things started in the living room and well to have somewhere to sit! We threw out our old couch in the move. I thought the denim was fun and we can move it to the kids playroom if we go more formal in the living room.
I know, I know, it's not white. If there is any item that you should resist from choosing in white when you have toddlers, it's your couch. Our last one was white and we said farewell to it in it's aged shade of grayish-cream and hand decorated in marker, ketchup and juice. I think with white pillows and against white walls it will look quite nice.
OK, I'm off to fight with more cardboard boxes in this 90 degree heat!!

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