Wednesday, July 8, 2009

buy white paint- sounds simple doesn't it???

simply white, snowfall white,
alpine white, moonlight white,
i wish i may, i wish i might,
narrow it down to the white that's right!

When we close on the house, there are several rooms that I want to paint. Most of the downstairs is in great shape and all white and newly done so I am happy with that. The bedrooms however are all different colors, yellow, blue, green, pink. Basically the upstairs needs a clean sweep of white everywhere. So there are several billion shades of white (and that's only Benjamin Moore) I'm going with slightly warmer shade of white.. the cooler shades with undertones of blue can make a room feel cold. I like trim in a higher gloss and a shade darker than walls for a slight contrast. Colors however undecided so far!

Check these articles out: Southern Living- Getting the right white can be tricky here and Choosing the right white by 2Modern Design Talk here

and if you thought you'd seen it all, take a look at this the ben Color Capture app for iPhone. Love it!!!

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